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Monday, 16 December 2013

The Maraimman Temple in Marabastad

The first Asians came to Pretoria from 1881 onwards and they settled just west of Church Square in Marabastad, or as it was known, the Siatic Bazaar. The Tamil League was formed in 1905 and applied itself to the advancement of the culture, religion and education of Tamils.
The first Hindu temple, dedicated to the goddess Mariammn, was built of wood and iron. During 1928 the Tamils decided to build a more suitable temple and a small sanctuary called a cella replaced the old temple
According to the religion of Hinduism, Mariamman is the Goddess of disease and rain. Some other notable temples named after Mariamman include the Sri Mariamman temple in Singapore, as well as in Indonesia, Germany and Fiji.
The Maraimman Temple lies at the entrance of Marabastad in 6th Street, close to the business district of Pretoria. It signifies the importance of the Indian community which became integrated into areas of Marabastad, and is a popular tourist attraction among local and international tourists.
It was declared a national monument in 1982 and beautifully restored in 1991.

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